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Bullzeye Design has been featured in The Web Designer’s Idea Book (Vol. 1) for our work on The Web Designer’s Idea Book is called “the ultimate guide to themes, trends and styles in website design” and touts a 4 star rating in the Amazon Marketplace

“Using old paper products in your design is a great way to generate atmosphere…” says author Patrick McNeil, creator of The book includes JohnPhillipsLive.commore than 700 websites arranged thematically. Designers can find inspiration by color, design style, type, theme, element and structure. Our design for is in the “Old Paper” category of the Sites by Theme chapter.

Fellow author and web designer Jason Beaird reviews on Amazon:

“This process of mentally classifying design inspiration has become a critical part of my growth as a designer as well as my ability to explain web design to the non-designer. In The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Patrick McNeil takes the task of cataloging current trends and styles to a meticulous new level. Within the book’s 256 pages, McNeil has sorted over 700 screenshots of stellar site design by color, design style, type, theme, element and structure. “

We are very excited and honored to be featured along with other world class designers and firms. We’d like to thank Patrick McNeil for allowing us to be a part of his book.