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Looking for a unique way to spread some holiday cheer with your coworkers? Pool together your cash and head to lunch and leave your server an unsuspectingly large tip.

Last year, Tipbombers left a surprise $1,211 tip to unsuspecting server!

How do I pull off a Tipbomb?

Tipbombs is a really unique and simple concept:

Gather a group

Try it with your coworkers or friends.

Pool together a pile of cash

Allow everyone to throw in money - whatever you want to contribute toward your meal + tip.

Have a meal at an unlikely restaurant

A cheap, small diner perhaps? Do a little research to find somewhere cheap that has a single server to wait on your crew.

Leave your tip!

Dump an obscenely thick wad of cash onto the table of an unsuspecting server.


Leave a note (if you want to)

Say something like,  “You’ve been tipbombed! Happy Holidays” - or don’t. Giving the server some hint of what just happened will likely put their mind at ease that you didn’t do this by accident.

Feel Good. Make Memories

Shhhh… don’t tell who you are! Remain anonymous!

Why should you Tipbomb?

Because it feels good to do something nice for someone else. It gets your whole office involved. Instead of spending that money on an expensive luncheon for the office, try something fun and unique this year.

Learn More About Tipbombs

Visit the website to learn more about how to pull this off. They are all about spreading cheer to strangers.  Now in their 12th year, the website briefly discusses how Tipbombs came about. Their story is simple:

On a quite normal December day, a few friends were deciding where to treat themselves to a nice holiday lunch. They first thought of something fancy, but Chris suggested that instead of spending a bunch of money on a luxurious meal we spend the same amount of money on a plain meal. And, the money we were going to spend on the expensive meal, should be collected for the tip. At first, it seemed like a really backwards way of celebrating a holiday meal together. But, the excitement that came from surprising our waitress, more than made up for it.

Want to know more?

If you’re looking for something unique to do this year, try a Tipbomb!

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