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This Holiday Season Give the Gift of Garbage

Justin Gignac is a New York City artist who has been selling garbage from the streets of New York City since 2001. The idea came from a co-worker who challenged him to design creative packaging for something that no one would ever buy. Looking around the dirty streets of Times Square, Justin found his answer: garbage. Since then, he’s sold over 1,300 garbage cubes to people in over 29 countries around the world.

An interesting proposition, don’t you think? Of course, as a designer, I’m completely delighted with the fact that someone could create something so sculpturely beautiful out of rubbish. I suppose that’s why they say that man’s trash is another man’s treasure. To me, this experiment is the equivalent of making a salesman sell a dirty napkin that you just blew your nose in. Gross… garbage… but honestly, I know some pretty great salesmen who could make you swoon over that napkin… and convince you to actually buy it. Props to Justin for doing the same.

Own yours today by visiting his website: Or, if you already own some garbage from Justin, feel free to contribute to this Flickr Gallery to show everyone your unique masterpiece.