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Read about the evolution of the Steamtown Music Showcase Marketing Materials

Steamtown Music Showcase Logo

The Steamtown Original Music Showcase has been one of our clients since the beginning of Bullzeye Design. Since 2006, the showcase has grown from being a small local music concert to an event that brings in musical acts and industry professionals from all over the country.

steamtown, showcase, music, flyer, 2007

Steamtown Showcase 2007 Flyer

In 2007 Bullzeye Design was asked to develop a graphic identity for the showcase, which they have used consistently in all their promotional materials for the past 4 years. Our first promotional project with them was double-sided bar flyers in 2007. The flyers were simple, and were meant to boast the new logo design to gain the company recognition of their identity. Making sure to highlight to date and admission price of the event prominently, the clean, organized layout works well to promote this little-known (at the time) event prominently. Since then, we’ve been asked to design a new concept each year.

steamtown, showcase, music, flyer, 2008

Steamtown Showcase 2008 Flyer

The 2008 Showcase Flyer design played off the same color scheme as the previous year, and showed off a brighter, bolder “orange” color for the important text to give it new life. The Showcase grew tremendously since the previous year, adding an additional night and a total of 10 venues throughout Scranton. After seeing the flyer, organizer John Phillips replied, “Not trying to flatter you, but it is your best flyer yet. You seriously have a gift…” What a statement to live up to for the next year!


steamtown, showcase, music, flyer, 2009

Steamtown Music Showcase 2009 Flyer

Enter 2009. While promoting the showcase we decided to go in a slightly different direction. Instead of including all the content on a single side of the flyer (and then duplicating the content on the back, so each side had the same message), we went with a true 2-sided flyer. The front featured cartoon musicians in the background with a narrow copy layout and a darker background. On this side you’ll see the logo, venues and sponsors. On the back, we used a similar cartoon-feel for the background, but reversed the colors and featured the crowd rather than the musicians. Unique content on this side were the featured acts and a type-only treatment of the logo. On both sides we featured the event date, hopper pass information and the website details. While this flyer is pulling away from the original 2007 flyer design, we’ve continued to bring elements over from year-to-year to maintain consistency. The logo remained, and we used the orange from the 2008 flyer as the accent color.

steamtown, showcase, music, flyer, 2010

2010 Steamtown Music Showcase Flyer

The 2010 Steamtown Showcase Flyer is the furthest transition from the other years. While maintaining the same logo, we’ve taken elements from other years:

  • 2007 font accent color
  • 2007 “grunge” background style
  • 2008 “slanted” text
  • 2009 tilted logo

The flyer introduced a new color for the year: teal. This gave us the opportunity to pull a little bit further away from the style of the original, while still keeping it “part of the family.”


In 2011 we really stepped out of the box. We carried the teal from the 2010 flyers into this new design, but really pushed for something with a new style… a little more retro and fun! The logo and some of the fonts remained the same, but overall the design is very different from where it began in 2007. Grey/Black shifted to brown, and orange shifted to red to create this new design.