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Looking for some branding or marketing materials for your small business? Maybe you need a brochure or business cards to hand out at your next tradeshow? How about an entire booth graphic for that tradeshow? We can do that too. Any printed materials you need to support your business can imagined, designed, and even printed through Bullzeye Design.

Stationary and Print Design by

Print vs. Web Design?

So What’s the Difference between Print Design and Website Design?

  • different programs are typically used to design for print and web
  • website design is interactive (animation, clicking, forms, programming) and print design is not.
  • materials need to be designed at much higher resolutions to print than to view on the web because typically we want items on a website to load quickly, but on a print piece we want them to look beautiful
  • there are many options for printing, including how items are folded, embossed, cut, and even the thickness and feel of the paper use.

In Print Design

  • You are trying to get your audience to stay on a page long enough to get your marketing message across.
  • You often have a limited area in which to achieve this (such as a one-page magazine ad).
  • You are trying to catch their attention, and dive deeper into your product (as with a book cover or the first page of a brochure).
  • You are dealing with a physical product, so physical properties such as texture and shape can help you achieve your design goals. For example, paper companies will take out magazine ads printed on their own paper, allowing the audience to feel the weight and texture of their product.

In Website Design

  • You are trying to keep your audience on a specific website for as long as possible.
  • The amount of pages to work with can be unlimited– you ‘tease’ the audience with snippets of content to get them to click further into your site.
  • Clear navigation, animation, video and interactivity all come into play
  • Your website is available 24/7 all hours of the day and night, and the cost is typically equivalent to a single printed piece order

Services We Offer

Stationary and Letterhead by

Stationary and Letterhead

Want to take your corporate identity to the next level? We can design everything your business needs to define your brand: stationary, letterhead, envelopes, even your e-mail signature template! 

Business Card Design & Printing by

Business Card Design & Printing

Not only will I design your business card, I’ll help you choose the right quantity, size, and paper type for your job. Heck, I’ll even personally deliver it to your office (or ship it) so you don’t have to deal with any hassle! The same goes for your stationery or any other print job you may have.

Flyers and Brochures by

Flyers and Brochures

Promote your business or upcoming event! Folding brochures or simple single page flyers, postcards, ripcards and more.

Outdoor Banner Design by

Signs and Banners

Need a tradeshow booth graphic? A billboard? A simple banner for your office party? Signs and banners designed in any shape and size. We can even get you a printing quote if needed.

Custom Print Design by

Other Services

Need something else custom? How about a custom hand illustrated trail map for your ski resort? Just kidding (not really, we actually did that). So, if you have a project just ask. We've got you covered from design to printing.

Need Something Printed?

Not only can we create your print design, but we’ll also help you to find a printer. We’ll help you choose the quantity, size, and paper type for your job. Heck, we’ll even ship it right to your office so you don’t have to deal with any hassle!

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It was a pleasure to work with you. I network with [auto] detailers all over the country and will be recommending you for logos and design work. You made the process very easy for me. Thanks so much.

Matt K.Omega Mobile Auto SpaClarks Summit, PA