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Pinterest Management for Bloggers

Pinterest management services for bloggers. Services include account management, monthly pin image creation and Pinterest ads management.

ROI that translates directly into more traffic, leads and sales

Are you looking for an actual ROI on your Pinterest efforts? The first thing you need to realize is that Pinterest is like NO OTHER social media platform. I’d argue that Pinterest is a search engine rather than a social media platform. Pinterest can drive traffic to your blog for FREE. It’s filled with people who use it to make BUYING decisions.

According to Pinterest seasonal insights, people use Pinterest to discover new products, try new things and make purchasing decisions!

  • 77% of weekly pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.
  • 98% of weekly pinners report trying new things they’ve found on Pinterest.
  • 83% of weekly pinners make a purchase specifically based on the content they’ve seen on Pinterest.

Pretty cool, right? Free traffic that can translate directly into sales for you.

So now that you know how important Pinterest is and that it can be a free source of traffic for your website, here’s how I can help.

Pinterest Management & Services

I know that you know how important Pinterest is for driving steady traffic to your website…. otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But, if you’re like other bloggers I know, the changing algorithm and the recent push for bloggers to create “fresh pins” is enough to keep you up at night with worry and dread. How can you possibly keep up with this when you have so many other responsibilities?

Get the Pinterest stress off your mind so you can get back to doing what you do best! Let me handle any or all of the following:

Pinterest Account Consultation

Starting at $247 for a 1 hour session

If you’re DIYing your Pinterest account, this may be a great option for you. During a consult, we’ll take a deep dive into your account and analytics to make sure that you’re focusing your efforts in the right place and that everything is optimized to get you the ROI you’re looking for.

Pinterest Account Management

Starting at $500/mo.

For a monthly fee, I can completely manage your Pinterest account. From strategy to pin creation to monthly reporting. There’s also a one-time setup fee associated with account management so I can ensure that you’re profile is optimized and all of your tracking is in order.

The price will vary on the size of your account and what you’re needs are. So we will customize this to accommodate your unique goals. Typically, account management will cover the following:

  • optimization and oversight of Pinterest account
  • creation and curation of Pinterest boards related to your niche
  • multiple pin designs for blog posts and pages
  • scheduling pins to publish in your Pinterest account at optimal times
  • monthly reports and optional 30-minute call to discuss results and strategy

My Pinterest Management services also require you to have a Tailwind subscription (you pay for this and provide me with login details to manage)

Pinterest Ads Management

Prices vary, but start around $500/mo. (not including ad spend)

The Pinterest Ad platform is still very new to many people. But, it’s a great place to test out ads, especially if you have lower ticket items that you aren’t able to promote on Facebook or Instagram without losing all of your profit. While running ads from Pinterest is usually a bit more expensive than on other social media, the leads you get from Pinterest are red hot and ready to buy. They’re using Pinterest as a purchasing-decision tool that can lead to massive ROI.

If you’re interested in account management and ads management, contact me and we can work out a custom proposal for that.

Pinterest Image/Video Creation

Starting at $200 for 40 images/mo.
Individual image/video creation also available

If you’re happy to manage your own Pinterest account, but dread making pin images each month, let me handle that for you. This is a great option if creating images is taking over your life and you just need to hand off one of your tasks so you can focus on other things. I’ll create Pinterest images and even videos for you. Once complete, I’ll send them over to you and you’ll be able to pin or schedule them yourself.

Pinterest Case Study

If you’re still on the fence, I know that it’s helpful to actually see some results that I’ve gotten on Pinterest.

Pinterest traffic increases nearly 300% from March - May 2020
FIG 1: Nearly a 300% increase in traffic from March-May, 2020

In this account, link clicks (Pinterest organic traffic to website) increased by nearly 300% — from around 2,500/mo in March to almost 10,000/mo in May, 2020. I know there can be a lot of seasonality with niches so I included the traffic from 2019 as well.

An increase in traffic to the website had significant impact on two specific goals of the client:

  1. to increase email signups from Pinterest traffic
  2. to increase sales of a new online course

44% increase in e-newsletter signups through organic Pinterest traffic

Pinterest traffic leads to email list growth
FIG 2: 47% increase in newsletters signups from Pinterest traffic

You can see in the chart above that the traffic from Pinterest increased by over 230% compared to the previous year. This also resulted in an increase in email newsletter signups (43.66%). You can see that the traffic did increase the newsletter signups, but that it is not a DIRECT correlation.

Using a holistic approach to Pinterest management means that some of the pins and optimization is done to get more traffic to the site while other things are done to help with conversions. Very rarely will both increase at the same rate. However, who wouldn’t take a 44% increase in email signups through free, organic traffic?

344% increase in revenue through organic Pinterest traffic

FIG 3: Pinterest account management results in 308% increase in sales value

In this graph you can see that not only did Pinterest management improve traffic and increase newsletter signups… it also helped to increase sales. In complete transparency, I started on this optimization project right when the client was releasing a brand new course. So, their product suite was changing from digital ebooks to an online course (plus the ebook sales).*

Because of the new product, you should also expect that the client’s revenue would increase year over year. Makes total sense with the launch of a new product, right? I do agree.

But, this chart is only indicating course and ebook sales directly from Pinterest ORGANIC traffic — not the total amount of sales through the email list, ads or other means. The Pinterest strategy implemented here is responsible for a 344% revenue increase — from around $1,000 in 2019 to almost $4,000 in 2020!

And just to give a little bit more context, with our other marketing efforts, the client surpassed their total revenue from all of 2019 by June 1, 2020!

*You’ll see in FIG 3 that the conversion rate actually dropped by 84%. Usually not such a good sign, right? Well, in this case it’s expected, because the average customer purchase was around $9 before the course launch. And, the course costs around $300. So, it makes sense to assume that you won’t be able to convert $300 sales at the same rate as $9 sales. I just wanted to point that out.

Ready to work together?

Amy, Owner

I’m looking forward to helping you reach all of your Pinterest and other digital marketing goals!