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Logo Design

When you’re looking to build a strong business or organization, a solid logo design is a must. A great logo design can can create loyal followers through simplicity and memorability. A logo is the visual representation of a company or brand’s values, beliefs and functions.

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Logo Design Process

Since all logo projects are different, they require a custom price quote. Upon completion of the logo you retain full rights to the usage. This includes any usage for print materials, advertising, apparel, signage, or websites

What is it like to work with a designer?

Never worked with a designer on a logo project before? Take a look at this blog post to see what the process is like, and what you can do to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Customers are saying…

After a long search for a designer I could trust with my logo I am glad I found Bullzeye Design! My logo was fairly challenging since it was for personal branding not directly linked to a job, company, or industry. Amy is a talented designer who provided outstanding service and excellent communication on this job. I am very pleased with the end result and will hire her again for future graphic design projects.


  • We conduct visual research to create a style appropriate for your use.
  • You will critique the logo updates, and provide feedback.
  • Once revisions are approved we will deliver the logo in multiple file formats (JPG, PDF, PNG, and EPS)
  • We will provide a spec sheet to reference each file format’s usage fonts used in the design color code values for web and print


There are 3 types of logos we will design: text-based, iconic, and illustrated. You can read more about the types of logos on our blog. If you aren’t sure, we will recommend what type of logo you need. We’ll talk to you and ask you to provide some examples of logos you like. A quote will be provided and we’ll need a deposit to begin the design process. Our most popular logo choice is an iconic logo design. In order for an icon to be a truly effective logo, it should be easily recognizable and memorable, while remaining clear when reproduced in small sizes.


Once payment is received, we will research and develop 3-4 unique logo options for you to choose from. Unless you have a full color scheme picked out, we will typically design the logos in 1 single color. This will allow you to focus on the actual design process, rather than focusing on colors your like or don’t like. Typically, we’ll present these options to you in an e-mail.


The review/revise phase may be the most important step in the logo design process. This is where you’ll give us your feedback and suggestions. From the 3-4 initial logo concepts, the goal is to narrow it down to the 1 you like MOST. We will use that concept to make the revisions, tweak colors, etc.


Each round after the initial presentation may result in 1-4 more concepts which you will again choose from. It really depends on what the revisions are for. For example, if you aren’t sure about the color scheme we may present 3 or 4 color options at once. But, if you are just concerned about the thickness of a font or a line, it’s possible for us to make this revision with 1 option.

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Logo Design Add-Ons

Here are some other logo services we offer.

Types of Logo Design

We offer 3 basic types of logo design: text-based, iconic, and illustrated. Learn more about the types of logo design in our blog post to get acquainted with the options!

What Clients Are Saying...

Evolution Coaching Logo Symbol

I was very impressed with [the Evolution Coaching] website. It is streamlined and modern, which was important to my selection process–since that is the image that I want to project to potential employers through my resume and cover letter.

LauraEvolution Coaching client

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