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Facebook Ads Management using Connection Marketing

When managing your Facebook ads, we’ll use connection marketing to grow your business and provide value to your customers. I find the following gardening analogy useful in explaining the steps of my Connection Marketing Framework:
Prep your Facebook Ad Campaign


We’ll work together to come up with a plan and set goals for your ad campaign.

Seed your Facebook Ad Variations


We’ll create an “offer” and test multiple variations (plant lots of seeds) to see which one resonates with your ideal customer.

Water and weed your Facebook Ads

Water & Weed

Once the seed take root, we’ll optimize (water) ads that resonate with your customers and remove (weed out) the rest.

Bloom your facebook ad growth


If an optimized ad is thriving, we will give it more attention, scaling until it blooms!

Propagate the success of your Facebook Ad


Spread and promote your successful ad, using pieces to target new and re-target interested audiences.

Repeat the process to maximize Facebook Ad growth


We’ll repeat this process in order to create messages for different offers and other stages of your customer’s journey.

Are Facebook ad right for you?

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Creative Website Design by

Website Design

Need a beautiful website that ALSO converts? I got your back.

search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Trying to get found on Google with little to no luck? You may need some help with local SEO.

facebook ad video production

Video Ad Production

Video ads are killing it on Facebook right now. Need a 30-60sec ad to stay competitive and reach more people? Let’s do it.

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