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Safeteens Website

Safeteens website design

Logo & Responsive Website Design (+CMS). Safeteens website has usability and web design features to make it easy for teens to find health information and family planning health centers in Pennsylvania.

We are so excited to announce the launch of our newest logo and website redesign:

View The Press Release:
Maternal & Family Health Services Announces Launch of Newly Redesigned
Maternal & Family Health Services, Inc. announces the launch of the new The newly redesigned Safeteens is a resource on healthy living and safe sex for Pennsylvania teens as well as teens across the country. New features and improved functionality makes it easy for teens to get reliable health information and find family planning health centers across the state of Pennsylvania.

Safeteens is a resource for teens, providing reliable health information and a direct link to Family Planning health centers located throughout Pennsylvania.  The Safeteens logo and website were in desperate need of updating and the client had many goals in mind for improving the website.  Some of their major goals included:

  • Increase the overall usability of the website by:
    • Eliminating Flash animation and music from the website
    • The creation of a 404 Error page, and 301 redirects (if someone goes to a page from the old site that no longer exists, this gives the ability to redirect to the closest matching page on the new site)
    • Development of a clear hierarchy, or sitemap, of pages along with breadcrumb navigation.
  • CMS capabilities so that staff would be able to add to and update the site
  • Addition of a news blog, with the ability for the user to ‘comment’ on articles and share them with friends
  • Interactive features, such as a dynamic “Find a Health Center” address database, featured polls, featured homepage articles, and featured YouTube videos.
  • Integration of social media, such as displaying a Twitter feed, and allowing the user to share pages, news posts, and other elements of the site on Facebook.


safeteensThis project included the creation of an iconic logo. In order for an icon to be a truly effective logo, it should be easily recognizable and memorable, while remaining clear when reproduced in small sizes. Upon approval, their new logo was used as the inspiration that the entire website was designed around.

The redesign process began with extensive research on how teens use the web; what they like, what they dislike, and how to make their website more appealing to the target audience (pre-teens and early teens).

Here you’ll see the before and after of the Safeteens redesign:

Safeteens Homepage Before

Safeteens Homepage Before

Safeteens Interior Page Before

Safeteens Interior Page Before




The new SafeTeens

The new SafeTeens

A Note From SafeTeens

Hi Amy – I have to say…..GREAT JOB!!!!! The site looks great. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else – as you are now by far my favorite graphic designer to work with!

What Clients Are Saying...

This looks great.  And this is why you’re the best. Thank you!

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