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Name/Slogan Development, Liberty Logo Design

This unique project was one of the first of its kind for Bullzeye Design: Developing a Convenient Store Chain Name. This involved developing catchy names and slogans to later be developed into a logo for all 22 locations.

Company naming must encapsulate the character of the brand and make a connection with the target audience. A company name must be appropriate, yet compelling. A name must have the power to make an impact, support business goals, and endure. Factors to consider when choosing a name:

  1. Target Market Driven. The target market drives the company name change decision. The company name needs to speak to them first and foremost.
  2. Vision. It’s not where you’ve been, but where you are going. The new company name should reflect the journey ahead.
  3. Compatibility. The new company name should relate to the company’s products and services. Be prepared to explain the how and why.
  4. Sensitivity. Names are personal and can often evoke strong feelings. Consumer attachment to the company’s heritage and existing name should be considered when developing a new one.
  5. Less Is More. In today’s vernacular, less is more. Today’s attention spans are shorter. This is likely influenced by Twitter and text messaging, so making a long name short is a good idea.
  6. Visibility. Secure a spot on the web by making sure the company name is available as a .com domain.

During this process we researched popular convenient store naming strategies, competition, and demographic to come up with ten options to choose from. The names were also checked in the Pennsylvania Database for availability.

Upon selection of the company name, we developed this text-based logo for use on all 22 convenient stores.  We chose a text-based design so that the Liberty logo could be easy to manufactures on channel letters and mounted to a building.

What Clients Are Saying...

We have worked with Bullzeye Design over the last 3 years on several projects – everything from book covers to websites – and have found every single experience to be great from start to finish. They make each project stress free by staying on budget and on time with continuous, easy to understand communication. Further, their ideas and concepts are always on target and we are amazed and happy with each result. We wouldn’t give this relationship up for anything in the world!

Lisa Keyes ScottBusiness Improvement SpecialistKeyes Business Solutions LLC