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Evolution Coaching Website

Before and After Image

Coaching Website Before & After


Here’s the Evolution coaching website before the redesign. The website looks more like a advertising landing page than a welcoming, organized one.


Take a look at the new Evolution Coaching website homepage, jam-packed with custom features and completely editable within the WordPress CMS:

Problems with the old website design

Ok, so it’s honestly not the worst I’ve seen, but the website definitely needed some structure, organization, and professional design help. This coaching website was having a color crisis. You can see that it’s difficult to pick out exactly what to look at. That’s because combining too many colors into a single page design confuses your visitors. They’re thinking… what do I look at?

  • large tan text
  • bolded red text
  • bold teal text
  • teal send button / form
  • blue underlined links
  • multicolored buttons on the right

The other problem with the Evolution coaching website was trying to sell two different products at the same time. Is this a life coach, or a career coach? A divorce counselor? It’s difficult to tell.

It’s a common misconception that giving your website visitors more choices will produce more results. The opposite is actually true. When presented with too many options, visitors will get confused, and likely leave your website. Instead of helping customers make one decision and complete the most important action, these website visitors are asked to view everything at once and then decide what you want them to do. It’s overwhelming.

So, we worked together to fix that.

Evolution Coaching website before redesign

Steps to Redesigning the Evolution Coaching Website

Evolution Coaching Iconic logo design

First Step: A New Logo

The new logo was the jumping off point for the rest of this website redesign.

Custom Features

This website design project has many custom features including

  • rotating testimonials with star ratings & online submission
  • bundle package ordering
  • custom designed landing pages
  • unique header graphics for every page
  • a fully functional blog
  • resource page with social media feeds, and much more!

It was all done using the WordPress CMS.


Even their own coaching clients comment on the website design

Evolution Coaching Logo Symbol

I was very impressed with [the Evolution Coaching] website. It is streamlined and modern, which was important to my selection process–since that is the image that I want to project to potential employers through my resume and cover letter.

LauraEvolution Coaching client

A Note from Evolution Coaching

Evolution Coaching Logo Symbol

I really think this is exactly what the business needed and I’ll be forever in your debt since I’ve put my heart and soul into building this business. You really are amazing; I couldn’t do this without you so THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

You are seriously the best, I don’t know what I would do without you!

Kristen G.OwnerEvolution CoachingMacungie, PA

Want to see it in action?

Check out the new Evolution Coaching WordPress CMS website design. It’s a beautiful, organized, professional website targeted toward professionals transitioning between careers.