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Hello World,

I’m just checking in because it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. There are lots of great things happening at Bullzeye Design. We have a few more clients to add to the Bullzeye family and I can’t wait to introduce you to them.

First, we are currently working on a website design for a jewelry company called SH Zell & Sons.The business is definitely more masculine than feminine and 47th Street, where they are located, is much more fast paced, no bullshit type of area (unless you are a tourist and don’t know who you are talking to!). The Zells are unique in that they really spend a lot of time with their clients in a casual, no pressure way. The initial website concepts are complete so look for some updates in the future regarding their official website launch!

Secondly we’ve been working with a local original band called The Five Percent with some poster designs to promote their shows in the area. We’re also planning to help with a website redesign in the near future which I, personally, cannot be more excited about! Being a fan of the music and working with a group of wonderful guys… what more can you ask for?

Lastly (for now), I’ve recently met an amazingly talented photographer from the Las Angeles area who stumbled upon Bullzeye Design and became immediately interested in working with us to develop a website along with several full screen flash galleries to display her work. Enter:; our newest project. So far things are going great. Get ready for some wildly creative design here! Music, animation, and breathtaking photography will unite as the minds of two talented and fearless women join forces to produce an amazing final product.

More to come in the near future - hope all is well with our friends, family, and supporters. We’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to drop us an email