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We’ve recently developed a website design questionnaire that we are calling the Bullzeye Design Project Planner. Our Project Planner is used to understand the objectives and goals of your organization.

Previously, we’ve waited for our clients to contact us via our online form or an e-mail, and then sent out a questionnaire regarding the project. We are now making this document available online to better serve you! We find that most of our wonderful clients are EAGER to get started with their project. Any assistance we can give you to eliminate steps in the process will result in faster turnaround time, and ultimately shorter project timelines for you!

You can download our Project Planner as a Word Document onto your computer. At your own pace, you can work at filling out all the pieces. Once complete, simply e-mail it to us and we will contact you regarding your project. If you are serious about starting your website project, and/or would like us to give you an estimate, this is the most efficient way.

learn more about it!