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Ever had a bad experience hiring a Facebook marketing expert?

Have you shelled out hundreds (or thousands) on digital marketing without seeing a return on your investment? Months go by and you can’t figure out what the marketer you hired is even doing. It seems like he is just giving YOU more work to do.

But didn’t you hire a marketing expert because you are too busy to handle this yourself?

If you’re feeling disappointed, even cynical, about hiring Facebook marketing experts, you are not alone.

What you’ve probably realized is that marketers are REALLY good at pitching you. But when it comes to following through on their promises, many marketers fall short.

  • They SELL you on the service, rather than educating you on the possibilities.
  • They don’t set your expectations. So, you don’t know what results you will see, how they’ll get there or how much money it will take.
  • They send you too much information and/or irrelevant analytics to hide their lack of success.
  • They jargon you to death.
  • They don’t check in to let you know what’s working (or what’s NOT working).
  • Instead of clear “marching orders,” they offer nebulous suggestions that you can’t act on.

Ouch. This sounds pretty painful. No wonder you hate marketers…

How can I hire a good Facebook marketing expert?

Marketing gets a bad rap. It feels a bit sleazy and manipulative, right? It doesn’t have to be this way. Marketing is just about connecting you with people who need your help. When done correctly, it won’t feel like selling. It will feel good because you’ll be genuinely providing answers and solutions to your customer’s problems.

Honestly, anyone with a Facebook account can “do” marketing these days. But, there’s a plethora of skills one needs in order to be an effective marketer. These skills make all the difference.

  • A good marketing expert will ask you lots of questions up front. They’ll learn about your business. Your goals. The people you serve. Their pain points.
  • They won’t promise outlandish results. They’ll work with you to set realistic expectations and goals.
  • They’ll know the principles of design so the ad creative will look professional and match your branding and connect genuinely to your values.
  • They’ll write great copy so your message resonates with the right people. One way to do this is through storytelling.
  • They’ll understand user experience and customer journeys so the people you serve feel taken care of.
  • They have tech skills to set this all up for you.
  • They’ll also be good at analyzing results so they can provide you with relevant reports and insights that will help you grow and ultimately serve more people.

As you can see, that’s a lot of things to know.

If you’ve ever had a bad experience working with a marketing professional, I’d love the chance to change your mind.

And, if you’re just dabbling in marketing on your own but struggle in creating that genuine connection, I’d love be a partner in your success.

Contact me if you’d like to chat about how my connection marketing framework can help your business.