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I’ve been designing since 10th grade, when my supermarket cashier job doubled as an opportunity convince unsuspecting customers in my line to hire me as their website designer. I have been doing-business-as (DBA) Bullzeye Design since 2008.

If you don’t have the time to read this lengthy bio, here’s the gist:

Amy, Owner

My name is Amy Fedele. I help bloggers and businesses reach more people through digital marketing and design.

I’ve dipped my toe in many corners of the corporate and entrepreneurial world. Over the past 15 years (yes I’m old)… I have gained loads of experience working with a wide variety of clients.

I like to work with entrepreneurs and bloggers… as I find you are ambitious, hard-working folks like I am. And, you aren’t scared of testing and trying new things… which is so important in this ever-changing online world.

I’d love to hear from you so please get in touch!

Here are some fancy, well-known brands/companies I’ve worked with over the years. I work with many individuals and small businesses, too!

companies I've worked with

I’d also encourage you to see what my customers have to say about me. I find that’s incredibly useful when trying to choose a service provider that’s right for me.

Amy’s Full Bio

This is probably worth the read, honestly. You will have a laugh or two.

Hi, I’m Amy Fedele., the Founder of Bullzeye Design, which started in 2008. I help bloggers and businesses reach more people through digital marketing and design. My connection marketing framework leverages design and storytelling to create strong connections with people who genuinely need your help, so you can grow your business and make a bigger impact in your community.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked in marketing agencies, at small firms and as an in-house communications/marketing specialist. I also run my own successful blog that teaches home gardeners how to design unique landscapes.

I’ve also worked in-house as part of communications and web teams for large universities and non-profit organizations. I’ve even worked at design and marketing agencies over the years. I’ve had Etsy shops. I’ve sold products online. I’ve sold services online. I’ve sold products and services “offline” too. I’ve cultivated email lists in the tens of thousands. I’ve managed social media and ads for large and small organizations.

But most of all, I have been entrepreneurial my ENTIRE life. Selling at yard sales, lemonade stands and, as you know, the grocery store checkout. But, Bullzeye Design wasn’t my first baby. Nope — it was “TravoltaFever” — my tribute website to John Travolta when I was 14. I ran the sh!t out of that Geocities website. So much so, that at age 14 I was reading “fan mail” to John Travolta himself. The web was newish and my site was good enough that people actually thought I WAS John Travolta. I even took up collections so that all his die-hard fans could mail him roses on his birthday.

Not. even. joking.

Running that website taught me SO much about the web. I really did fall in love with web design because of TravoltaFever. And, friends, I don’t care how much you pick on me for it, I am so grateful for my unhealthy obsession with John. It ignited my love for website design and was a big factor in leading me down this career path.

I’ve designed websites for over 300 businesses over the course of my career. But, my work would be turned over to internet marketers, who would “strip down” my design. I realized that designers made sites beautiful, but marketers made sites convert.

After experiencing this huge disconnect between design and effective marketing, I do things differently for my clients. I combine beautiful design with my connection marketing framework to get more business in your door- while still looking professional and not feeling like an icky salesperson.

Contact me if you’d like to chat about how my connection marketing framework can help your business.

I’m also happy to connect on LinkedIn (you can read more about my experiences, there, too).