You’re probably wondering what’s so special about Bullzeye Design? Well… it’s me, Amy. I’m an excellent communicator. And every time you contact I’ll be the one replying. No more customer service queues or explaining your business to a new project manager every other week.

I’m very comfortable communicating entirely via e-mail. In fact, it’s my preferred method. I find it the best way to keep your project on time and on budget. I also love coffee, so if you are in the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre (NEPA) area, lets have a cup.

A Little About Amy

A Little About Amy

Owner / Creative Director / Designer / Project Manager / Wearer of all the Hats

I’ve been freelancing since 10th grade in high school, where my supermarket cashier job doubled as an opportunity convince unsuspecting customers in my line to hire me as their website designer. I call this my #sidehustle. I have been doing-business-as (DBA) Bullzeye Design since 2008.

For the past twelve years, I’ve worked hands-on in the design industry: within an agency environment, at small firms, in higher education. I love design and marketing, but particularly website design. And I use WordPress CMS to solve most of my client’s problems. That’s because it’s really user-friendly, and gives you the power to take control of your own business. On some projects I work alone, and on others I have a team of professionals that help with different aspects of programming, design, SEO, and more. They are not full-time employees but are all trusted individuals whom I know personally.

And, obviously, I’m an entrepreneur, too. I have been entrepreneurial my ENTIRE life. Selling at yard sales, lemonade stands, and, of course, the grocery store checkout. But, believe it or not, Bullzeye Design wasn’t my first baby. Nope — it was “TravoltaFever” — my tribute website to John Travolta when I was 14. I ran the sh!t out of that Geocities website. So much so, that at age 14 I was reading “fan mail” to John Travolta himself. The web was newish, and my site was good enough that people actually thought I WAS John Travolta. I even took up collections so that all his die hard fans could mail him roses on his birthday.

Not. even. joking.

Running that website taught me SO much about the web. I really did fall in love with web design because of TravoltaFever. And, friends, I don’t care how much you pick on me for it, I am so grateful for my unhealthy obsession with John. It ignited my love for website design and was a big factor in leading me down this career path.

I don’t have actual children but I believe entrepreneurship is a form of giving birth. I consider each new endeavor to be a child of mine. And I believe that you can love ALL of your babies with the gut-wrenching passion of a new mother. And before you email me about this, yes… I believe guys can love like mammas, too. Starting a business is so so scary. It’s hard and exhausting, and sometimes you just want to give up… and curl up into a little ball and eat a gallon of icecream in your jammies. I’ve spent many nights in my jammies. But I’ve also had my share of mornings, waking up with that  “ah hah” moment. And those mornings are what make me continue to FIERCELY pursue my multiple passions.

How this all works

Due to the unique nature of this setup, most of the communication on projects is done via email. In the beginning of a project I can set up a scheduled phone call, or meet you in person- if you are in the Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Northeastern PA area. But, typically after that the communication drifts to a more casual e-mail relationship. If you are someone who needs to talk on the phone, or meet regularly, I would recommend finding an agency or design firm with more regular business hours that you can call. As much as I would LOVE (seriously, love) to work with you, I don’t want to give you the impression that I am available for phone conversations more than I am.

With that said, I have worked with clients all over the world via e-mail and I feel like I know them, and would love to meet them someday.  A lot of you I’m on a first-name basis with, and we know about each others hobbies and basement floodings and pets. I enjoy getting to know who I’m working with. I’ve met many clients in person, and there are some local clients that I’ve never met or even spoken to on the phone. It really depends!  I find every client relationship fun and exciting.

If you have any questions, or want to get in touch, you can email me directly at

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