Meet Jane. Like you, she’s an entrepreneur. And like you, Jane struggles with growing her business online. Marketing frustrates her because

  • she doesn’t know what to do next
  • or how to stand out from her competition
  • …and technology can be so confusing

But my marketing training solves all those problems for Jane. So she can focus on growing her business right away.

Hi I’m Amy. I’m an expert in graphic design, website design, social media and internet marketing. My mission is to teach business owners how to use CREATIVITY to outshine their competition and grow their business.

I often meet entrepreneurs and business owners who are struggling SO HARD to find their voice online. They are literally SHOUTING from the digital rooftops and no one is hearing them.

I hear a lot of people say things like, “I tried Facebook ads. They just didn’t work for me.”  And I think to myself… yep… I’ve said this soooo many times.

So, I feel you. This marketing stuff seems impossible to figure out sometimes. Not only that, It’s hard to tell which marketing “guru” is telling the truth and which ones are selling some spammy scammy crap.  As a small business owner myself I’ve wrestled with these same reservations about marketing.

You know what I realized? None of these people were really saying much of anything.

So, I stopped listening. And, after blocking out all that noise, I got CREATIVE about growing my business. I’ve come up with some pretty unique ideas that helped my own business grow. Since then, I’ve even helped self-professed “non-creative” people discover their own creativity and use it to outshine their competition. I’d love to help you, next!

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