Taking the Guesswork Out of Digital Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy
Finally… a simple, reliable way to grow your
online revenue, audience & authority.

Have a love-hate relationship with marketing?

When trying to attract customers, most businesses freeze up with the overwhelming amount of marketing choices. As a business owner myself, I got real sick and tired of the paralyzing overwhelm that comes with figuring out what to say to get people to engage with my business. I mean, with so many people using the internet, it can sure feel like a lonely place. Can someone other than my mom comment on my posts? (#loveyoumom)

I’m Amy… some people think I’m crazy. But, I believe that there should a simple, measurable way to approach marketing. Only problem is… I couldn’t find it. Marketing tends to be this confusing, life-sucking vampire that can’t be captured, reigned in, or defeated.

So, I had to make it myself. My data-driven process that eliminates the guesswork, saving you time and money so you can confidently grow. I can show you how to use data to make better decisions so you can free your mind up for other important business stuff. Using my process, you’ll be able to attract the right people while saving time, money and best of all… your sanity.

A cure for shiny-object syndrome!

Want to learn more about my process? Hop on a free strategy call… no strings attached. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

  • Get clarity on where to focus your marketing efforts so you can sell with confidence.
  • Learn my process for using facts (data) to analyze what’s working on your website and social media.
  • Hang up with a clear direction and an actionable plan to move your business forward. Not to mention a huge weight off your shoulders.

How much traffic is at stake if you don’t test? (2821 pageviews)

How many email signups would slip away without this test? (91 email leads)

How much money will you lose? ($1.03 per view)

These are just a few examples of marketing tests that I’ve run to uncover traffic and sales that weren’t even on the radar. Businesses that consistently deliver clear, confident messaging will always win the customer (even if you have the better product or service). Your confusion and overwhelm is costing you more than stress and time… it’s costing you money.

Stop making decisions without any data!

“This was really great. Nice and easy explanation and made me realize how much I’ve really been missing. This is going to save me a TON of money on FB ads. Before I was just boosting posts to women between 25-45. Not anymore. Thanks so much.” –Ian M.

How this works

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Create Proposal

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Execute the Plan

If it’s a good fit, we can work together to grow your business!

Stop wasting tons of time guessing at what to say, offer and post with no results. A data-driven marketing strategy will give you the confidence to attract customers and grow your business.

It’s easy to build a website… but how do you know it’s working?

Yes, you can build that website with a few clicks. But… is that website getting you leads? Increasing your revenue? Answering the questions that your customer has? How DO you make it work? And how to do you know that it’s working to its fullest potential? I think these are great questions that I hope to help you answer with my free ebook, Tiny Tweaks to Improve Your Website Today. Download it now –>