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Why do you have a website
if you’re not using it
to grow your business?

Hi, I’m Amy.

I’ve been a professional website designer for about 15 years. I’m also an entrepreneur, and my mission is to stop other entrepreneurs from spending money on websites that simply don’t work.

Why? Because it’s awful and frustrating and embarrassing and crappy when you spend months redesigning your website, launch it, and you get underwhelming results. Or no results at all.

**cue crickets chirping**

I think most of you can relate to this. And I’m so sick of watching it happen over and over again. Things have to change.

You see… as a web designer, I knew that was creating beautiful on-brand websites. But had no way of knowing if I was creating effective websites.

“But don’t web designers know what is going to make a website effective? Isn’t that what I hired them to do?”

Not really. My design degree didn’t come with a crystal ball. And while I can make educated guesses about what will work and what won’t, there’s really no way to know for sure without testing. And the testing and the data collection always came AFTER I had finished my role. Let’s be honest, if it was even tested at all.

There’s something wrong with this picture, right?

That’s because it’s an old way of thinking. The truth? What used to work, doesn’t work anymore.

So I did what every entrepreneur does. I created a new way! With this method you’ll be able to send targeted traffic to your site so you can run tests, see what works and fix what doesn’t. With REAL data. Anytime you want.

Welcome to the new way of designing websites. It’s a game changer. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Take the first step

I created a super easy guide that gives you the FIRST STEP to turning your website into a growth machine. Guess what? It’s super easy, and you can do it TODAY! What are you waiting for??